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Karen Bruton is a retired CFO from a small firm who was considering opening a bagel shop with a friend; until that friend discussed the possibility of trading.

After spending $20k plus on courses, Karen's trading experience eventually led her to options, and eventually trading a high probability approach with the SPX.

The results: she is now managing two accounts worth approximately $200 million.  Not bad for a retired accountant.

Below are links to her interviews at Tasty Trade, well worth watching multiple times.

Karen's First Interview on Get Tasted (5/30/12)
This clip discusses Karen's background, how she got started, and her success with the SPX.

Special Guest: Karen The Super Trader (10/16/12)
This clip is the second interview with Karen and gets into greater detail on how she trades.

Karen's Third Interview on Tasty Trade (02/12/14)
This clip is the third interview which discusses changes made to address 2013 bull market.

Karen's Fourth Interview on Tasty Trade (08/21/14)
This clip is the fourth interview focusing more on responding to outliers.
On this page, we have provided links to the some of the most interesting video clips of Market Measures, a segment which provides market and options analysis.

Just click on a link to see the video.
Exiting Losing Trades (12/16/14)
This clip discusses the best point to exit a losing strangle.

SD Movements (09/18/14)
This clip compares IV to actual underlying price moves.

Efficiency: Defined Risk (09/17/14)
This clip determines whether the increase in premium is worth the increase in capital at risk.

Put/Call Open Interest and Volume (09/10/14)
This clip compares open interest to volume to see if there is any predictive value.

Weekly Strategies (09/05/14)
This clip looks at Weekly options; it's analysis is flawed, but does hint at the advantage of the Weekly.

Iron Clad Adjustments (08/26/14)
This clip looks at an adjustment converting an IC to an IB.

Gaps in Stock Prices (08/07/14)
This clip looks to see if there is any advantage to fading a large gap.

Volatility Adjusted Strikes (08/06/14)
This clip compares monthly returns on SPX strangles at 1, 1.5, and 2 SDs.

ROC On! (07/25/14)
This clip compares ICs using various widths of spreads.

Low and Slow (6/30/14)
This clip tests the advantage of going to longer DTEs.

Covered Strangles 06/19/14
This clip compares covered calls to covered strangles.

Wide Load Management 05/16/14
This clip discusses using wider spreads as we go further OTM on SPX ICs.

ROC and Risk (04/30/14)
This clip compares the daily ROC and percentage of portfolio to non-compounded returns.

A Time to Trade (04/11/14)
This clip reviews IV Rank for 13 underlyings over 5 years.

Kelly's Heroes (04/04/14)
This clip compares two entry criteria: Kelly vs. IV Rank > 50.

IV Expansion (03/26/14)
This clip tests the advantage of adding to an existing position if high IV Rank increases further.

Roll the Tested or the Untested (03/21/14)
This clip test three forms of adjustment when a Strangle is challenged.

Time Tested (03/20/14)
This clip test adjusting further out-in-time when a Strangle is challenged.

Delta Force (03/06/14)
This clip compares two adjustment methods: rolling the unchallenged side and holding till expiration, and exiting at 50%.

Fast and Furious (02/25/14)
This clip compares the daily percent price movement over 10-years and its up and down velocity.

VIX Saved the Cat (02/21/14)
This clip reviewed the correlation between the VIX and being short premium.

Death Vol-ley (02/18/14)
This clip examines going long into earnings to benefit from rising IV.

One Shining Moment (01/30/14)
This clip discusses how changes in IV Rank impact ROC (return on capital).

Earnings Strangles with Duration (01/28/14)
This clip compares several approacheds to trading strangles during earnings.

Directional and Hedging Efficiency (01/24/14)
This clip looks at Efficiency as another metric in strategy selection.

Blazing Straddles (01/23/14)
This clip compares a 1 SD Strangle to a Straddle.

SPX Settlement (01/22/14)
This clip tests selling $5 wide ICs on the SPX monthly on expiration day settling Friday morning.

Now or Later (01/22/14)
This clip compares strangles placed 45 days prior to earnings vs. the day of earnings.

Goldilocks (01/17/14)
This clip revisits the testing of the ideal DTE of a monthly.

Volatility Edge (01/16/14)
This clip tests the outcomes of low vs. high IV percentile trades over 5-years.

Market Binary Events (01/08/14)
This clip explores trading the FOMC Announcement.

IV Scaling Management (01/06/14)
This clip tests the benefit of adding to a short position as IV increases.

IV Time Horizons (12/30/13)
This clip tests the accuracy of expected move using the Probability Model.

Equivalent Risk (12/18/13)
This clip compares trading high IV Rank $1 wide ICs 5x to trading $5 wide ICs 1x.

Market Movement Around FOMC (12/17/13)
This clip examines how the FOMC announcement has affected the markets.

Management Intervals (12/16/13)
This clip tested how to manage positions based on differing DTE time intervals.

First Trade of the Month Market Moves (12/13/13)
This clip tests the notion that the first trading day of the month closes up a majority of the time.

Poor Man's Covered Call (12/12/13)
This clip compares monthly vs. weekly PMCC strategy.

Managing BWBs (12/11/13)
This clip runs a study on the Broken Wing Butterfly.

Balancing Risk with Reward (12/11/13)
This clip runs a study comparing different widths.

Buying Insurance (12/10/13)
This clip discusses using protective puts to protect assets as insurance.

Calendars Low IV (12/9/13)
This clip discusses the use of the Calendar in low IV environments.

Adding to Condors IV Expansion (12/6/13)
This clip tests the SPX IC at IV > 50%, adding as IV increases.

Managing Tested Positions (12/5/13)
This clip discusses how to manage positions that are challenged.

Managing Winners and Losers (12/4/13)
This clip compares managing winners to managing both winners and losers.

Buying Low Volatility (12/2/13)
This clip tests buying when IV is low.

Gap Fills (11/27/13)
This clip determines the percentage of gap fills resulting from greater than 1 Std Dev moves.

Scaling into Strength (11/22/13)
This clip discusses increasing positions as IV percentile increases.

Chicken Iron Condors (11/20/13)
This clip discusses the IC using >80 percentile and varying percent premium to capital at risk.

Managing Ratios (11/19/13)
This clip discusses another strategy: the ratio spread.

Duration and Volatility (11/18/13)
This clip compares shorter vs. longer hold periods for >80% IV percentile trades.

High Probability Strangles (11/15/13)
This clip compares returns for high IV Rank using 2 SD Strangles

Chicken Iron Condors (11/14/13)
This clip compares ICs at earnings with high IV rank.

SPX Settlement (11/13/13)
This clip discusses the characteristics of the monthly SPX.

Managing by IV Rank (11/12/13)
This clip tests exiting high IV% positions when the percentage drops to certain levels.

High IV Rank Occurrence (11/11/13)
This clip looks at how IV Rank (high vs. low) affects the choice of strategy.

Earnings History (11/8/13)
This clip explores specific metrics surrounding earnings.

Iron Condors: Bigger or Wider (11/7/13)
This clip compares ICs using 1-pt wide 2-contracts vs. 2-pt wide 1-contract.

IV Rank and Managing Winners (11/6/13)
This clip compares ICs relative to IV Rank percentile.

Types of Risks in Small Accounts (11/6/13)
This clip discusses the different types of risk managment for small accounts.

Double Diagonal Management (11/4/13)
This clip discusses how to manage double diaganols during low IV environments.

Volatility Expansion (10/25/13)
This clip tests the strategy of long straddles going into earnings vs. the short strangle.

Cost Basis Reduction (10/24/13)
This clip demonstrates the advantage of the covered call strategy.

Earnings - Duration (10/23/13)
This clip compares a Weekly (1 day hold) vs. Monthly (till expiry) for earnings.

Big Boy Butterfly (10/21/13)
This clip compares Butterflies vs. Iron Condors.

Randomness and Mean Reversion (10/18/13)
This clip demonstrates market randomness and mean reversion.
NOTE: mean reversion only occurs for a percentage change, not price change (as often thought).

Extra Premium (10/16/13)
This clip shows the effectiveness of placing trades after a 5% down move.

Managing Big Boys (10/15/13)
This clip reviews the use of ICs with wide strikes with high IV Rank.

Scaling High VIX (10/11/13)
This clip shows that as the VIX increases, so should your participation.

Probability of Touch (10/10/13)
This clip discusses the value of Probability of Touch.

Selling into Strength (10/8/13)
This clip considers selling into strength by selling calls.

Puts into Weakness (10/7/13)
This clip considers buying into weakness by selling puts.

Iron Fly or Short Straddle (10/4/13)
This clip compares the Iron Butterfly vs Straddle in high and low IV Percentile

Widen Thy Strikes (10/1/13)
This clip compares a naked Call vs. Call credit spreads on the SPY.

EMA Crossover and Short Put (9/30/13)
This clip compares the returns of a common technical indicator (the EMA crossover) to a short put strategy.

Big Boy ICs (9/26/13)
This clip compares trading ICs vs Strangles on the SPX.

Accredited Strangles (9/20/13)
This clip would interest traders who like strangles.

Strategic Allocation and Risk (9/18/13)
This clip compares results for 1 strike, 10 strike, and naked Call on the SPY.

Triple Witching Expiration (9/17/13)
This clip looks at the affect of triple witching on the SPX; very interesting results.

Directional vs. Skewed IC (9/16/13)
This clip compares changing the SDs on the short strike vs. capital at risk on the SPY.

Buying into Weakness (9/12/13)
This clip discusses how your odds go up when buying into weakness.

Technically 50/50 (9/10/13)
This clip discusses the randomness of the markets negates any value of charting.

Managing Losers? (9/3/13)
This clip discusses how NOT managing losers on the Monthly is a superior approach.

Managing Winners! (8/29/13)
This clip discusses how managing positions on the Monthly is better than letting the position expire.

RSI vs. Strangles (8/23/13)
This clip discusses price action for each day of the Monthly expiration week.

Implied Volatility per Strike (8/20/13)
This clip discusses option chain skew and its impact on premium.

Expiration Week Action (8/16/13)
This clip discusses price action for each day of the Monthly expiration week.

Market Swings (8/14/13)
This clip discusses how often the market opens in one direction and closes in the reverse direction (up to down; down to up).

S&P Monthly Moves (8/13/13)
This clip discusses outlier months for the S&P 500 (SPX).

Standard Deviation and IV (8/12/13)
This clip discusses where IV comes from and how it affects options.

A Volatile Time of Year (8/9/13)
This clip discusses which month of the year is most volatile.

Constricted Markets (8/7/13)
This clip discusses how the market's current low IV is expected to explode this fall.

Snapshot in Time (8/1/13)
This clip discusses how accurate are the probabilities.

Implied Vol vs Realized Vol (7/30/13)
This clip discusses the comparison of IV vs Realized Vol.
NOTE: this current year, the side taking heat is the Call credit spread.

FOMC and Contrarianism (7/23/13)
This clip discusses how the markets react around the FOMC release.

Distribution Curves and Skews (7/15/13)
This clip discusses why the option chain is skewed.
NOTE: option chain skewness does NOT reflect underlying price movement.

Unemployed Market Moves (7/12/13)
This clip discusses how the monthly Unemployment Report impacts the market.

Historical Volatility Explained (7/1/13)
This clip discusses HV and its application.

Implied Volatility Range Tested (6/19/13)
This clip discusses IV and Exp Move.
NOTE: this is at 1 SD; there's a dramatic improvement at 1.5 SD per our analysis.

IV and Duration (6/18/13)
This clip discusses why IV and Duration lower Long positions' probability of profit.

Magnitude of Move (6/13/13)
This clip discusses the distribution of the markets and equities supporting the notion of randomness.

Probability of Touch Decoded (5/28/13)
This clip discusses HV and its application.
On this page, we have provided links to the some of the most interesting video clips of What Else Ya Got?, a segment which focuses on the statements and track record of prominent  financial managers.

Just click on a link to see the video.
WYEG with Professor X. Frank Zhang (6/30/14)
This clip provides an interesting conversation about HFT from two perspectives.

Why we don't listen 06/23/14
This clip discusses why innovators don't listen to focus groups.

Can you use the media? (06/04/14)
In this clip several studies cited show that financial media has little value.

Worse Than a Coin Flip (05/07/14)
This clip discusses the poor performance of stock market "experts".

Warren Buffett on HFT (04/30/14)
This clip discusses remarks by Warren Buffet on HFT, and the rising fees of Mutual Funds.

The Illogic of Active Trading (04/29/14)
This clip discusses the illogic of traders, with Carl Richards.

What is HFT really? (04/03/14)
This clip discusses how HFT (High Frequency Trading) is really liquidity providers, and helps the market.
NOTE: just view the first 17 minutes of this segment

The Estimates Game (02/25/14)
This clip discusses how analysts determine future earnings potential.

Mega-Bank Monopolization (02/18/14)
This clip discusses how the large banks are manipulating commodity markets.

Riskless Millennials (01/31/14)
This clip discusses the Millennial generation and their more conservative investment outlook.

Volatility and Earnings (01/30/14)
This clip discusses how to use IV Percentile and current IV during earnings season.

Giving Up the Edge (01/22/14)
This clip discusses how improving odds improves outcomes.

Regulation of Regulators (01/17/14)
This clip discusses the regulatory problems within the SEC.

History Has Proven (12/20/13)
This Clip tests the old adage "buy low, sell high".

Getting Paid to Move the Markets (12/13/13)
This clip discusses the practice within the financial media to publish stories that move the markets.

Institution to Institution (12/10/13)
This clip discusses institutions place large blocks of orders.

Futures Margin vs Reg T (12/10/13)
This clip discusses the differences between Reg T and SPAN rules.

Embracing Activist Investors (12/4/13)
This clip discusses SEC Chairwoman Mary Jo White's comments on investor involvement with management.

Contango / Backwardation (12/3/13)
This clip discusses the Contango and Backwardation with regard to Futures.

No Tech Bubble Here! (11/27/13)
This clip compares the differences between the tech advance in 1999 to today.

A Fork in a Sugarbowl (11/22/13)
This clip discusses how poorly econometric forecasts have been.

Education vs. Marketing (11/20/13)
This clip compares the money spent on financial education vs. marketing of financial products.

What's a Futures Contract? (11/19/13)
This clip discusses some basics of futures contracts.

Can You Beat the Market? (11/18/13)
This clip discusses Steven Rattner's Op-Ed about market theory.

David Tepper, Proving Us Right (11/15/13)
This clip discusses Appaloosa's David Tepper misleading the audience on CNBC.

PE For Your Retirement (11/13/13)
This clip discusses Private Equity Funds.

Financial Media, What is it Good For? (11/12/13)
This clip gives an honest assessment of the financial media.

Information Overload (11/11/13)
This clip discusses the need to alter company/financial reports.

Covered Calls will Dent your Portfolio (11/4/13)
This clip discusses a remark made by Murray Coleman from the WSJ.

Analyst Recommendations (10/18/13)
This clip discusses earnings expectations based initially on corporate guidance.

Trading with the London Whale (10/17/13)
This clip discusses the JPMorgan London Whale debacle and how regulation is cracking down.

Efficient Market Hypothesis (10/15/13)
This clip reviews the work of the latest Nobel prize winners in Economics.

Proving Goldman Wrong (10/14/13)
This clip challenges Goldman Sach's claim of 10% ROC for an earnings options strategy.

Fall from Grace (10/11/13)
This clip reviews how leaders of industry quickly fall from grace.

License to Steal (10/9/13)
This clip highlights the enormous fees charged by managed-futures funds.

It's Gold Jerry! (10/8/13)
This clip demonstrates that gold prices are random.

Proof of Concept: Earnings! (10/1/13)
This clip shows how playing the Earnings using Strangles can be very profitable.

An Illogical Fear (9/30/13)
This clip compares the lifetime returns based on the level of risk assummed.

Technical and Fundamentals vs. Randomness (8/26/13)
This clip discusses the results of a Nobel prize study that compares technical and fundamental analysis vs. randomness (very interesting results).

Managing Retirement (8/22/13)
This clip compares the returns of various funds (specifically Target-date funds) with a simple option strategy: the covered call.

Explaining Options (8/19/13)
This clip discusses the basics of options and probabilities (based on the options chain).

Goldman Predictions (8/13/13)
This clip discusses comments made by David Kostin, Goldman Sach's chief equity strategist.

Market Crash 2013 (8/12/13)
This clip discusses comments made by Robert Wiedemer, author of 'The Aftershock Investor' who believes the markets will crash this year.

High-Frequency Trading (8/8/13)
This clip discusses comments made by various gurus on high frequency trading.

James Glassman - Ambassador (7/16/13)
This clip interviews James Glassman, who recently wrote an article that Tom took acception with.

Is Buffett a tastytrader? (7/9/13)
This clip discusses the performance of Warren Buffett.

Women in Trading (7/2/13)
This clip discusses the pros and cons of women on the trading floor, or business in general.

Dollar Cost Averaging (6/27/13)
This clip discusses the comments of Larry Fink on CNBC regarding dollar cost

What the 'professionals' are saying (6/11/13)
This clip discusses a trade recommendation by Goldman Sachs on Apple.

Sell in May and Go Away (6/4/13)
This clip discusses the value of the above saying "Sell in May and Go Away".
On this page, we have provided links to the some of the most interesting video clips of Best Practices, a segment which provides the best ways for traders to select strategies and manage positions..

Just click on a link to see the video.
ROC On! (07/25/14)
This clip compares ICs using various widths of spreads.

Efficiency (06/16/14)
In this clip, everything you wanted to know about efficiency.

Market Profile Basics (Shadow Trader): Overnight Inventory (6/25/14)
This clip looks at how overnight inventory can affect the open.

Buying Power (05/05/14)
This clip discusses various aspects of Buying Power reduction.

Index Specs (04/28/14)
This clip discusses the differences between cash Indexes and their equivalent ETFs.

Product Cons (04/14/14)
This clip discusses the Cons for stocks, options, futures, and FX.

Product Pros (04/07/14)
This clip discusses the Pros for stocks, options, futures, and FX.

Damage Control (03/31/14)
This clip discusses the various guidelines to offset potential losses.

POP Calculations (03/18/14)
This clip discusses the calculation of POP (probability of profit) for various strategies.

Managing Winners (02/18/14)
This clip discusses what is meant by managing winners.

Tasty Terms (02/10/14)
This clip discusses the most common Tasty Trade terms.

Saving Face (01/28/14)
This clip reviews various strategies for repairing losing positions.

Corporate Actions (01/06/14)
This clip discusses the impact of corporate actions on options.

IRA and Margin (12/16/13)
This clip reviews the differences between IRA and normal margin accounts.

Enhancing Trades (12/9/13)
This clip discusses how to add positions to a trade and when.

Trade Parameters (11/25/13)
This clip reviews basic trade parameters.

Trade Traps (11/18/13)
This clip discusses what a successful trade approach includes.

Expected Range (11/13/13)
This clip discusses the math around expected range (move).

Extended Session (11/4/13)
This clip discusses trading during extended hours.

Order Entry Criteria (10/7/13)
This clip looks at the minimum requirements for liquidity.

Binary Events (9/23/13)
This clip discusses Binary Events.

Tape Reading (9/16/13)
This clip discusses tape reading as 'Market Awareness'.

Account Types (8/19/13)
This clip discusses everything you wanted to know about account types.

Strategy Selection (8/5/13)
This clip discusses the importance of IV is determining the proper strategy.

Managing Winners (7/29/13)
This clip discusses managing winners, as opposed to managing losers (especially for defined risk positions)

Logic Chain (7/22/13)
This clip discusses the decision making process that should surround each trade.

Enhancing vs. Hedging (7/15/13)
This clip discusses the differences between enhancing vs. hedging.

Exit Strategies (7/8/13)
This clip discusses everything about exit strategies.

Determining Strikes Around Standard Deviations and Probabilities (7/1/13)
This clip discusses the basics of applying the probability model.

Expected vs. Actual Returns (6/24/13)
This clip discusses how comparing the two will help us to be more consistent, and the metrics specific to expected returns.

Using statistics to approach trading (6/17/13)
This clip discusses how applying statistics will lead to a more mechanical trade approach.

Trade Takeaways (6/3/13)
This clip discusses the advantages of reviewing your trades.

Market Awareness (5/28/13)
This clip discusses what Tasty Trader considers is the alternative to tape reading.

Calculating Probabilities (5/20/13)
This clip discusses how we calculated the Probability of Profit (POP) for various strategies.

Al defines the most common tastytrade terms (5/13/13)
This clip discusses option chain skew and its impact on

Measuring returns (4/15/13)
This clip discusses the formulas for various return metrics.

Trade Defaults (4/1/13)
This clip discusses default order size,  marketable limit, exchanges, etc..

Debit vs. Credit Spreads (2/19/13)
This clip discusses the differences between debit vs. credit spreads.

Selling to Close (2/11/13)
This clip discusses the definition of selling to close (STC).
On this page, we have provided links to the some of the most interesting video clips of Game Changers, a segment which discusses the research of TastyTrade listeners.

Just click on a link to see the video.
What is Elliot wave theory? (06/26/14)
This clip discusses the Elliot Wave theory and its effectiveness.

What is the Stochastic Oscillator (06/05/14)
This clip discusses the underpinnings of the Stochastic Oscillator.

Support and Resistance Levels (05/22/14)
This clip discusses the effectiveness of Support and Resistance.

How large should we trade? (03/27/14)
This clip discussed the Kelly criterion for determining trade size.

Difference between IV rank and IV percentile (03/13/14)
This clip explains the differences between IV Rank and Percentile.

Gamblers Fallacy (03/06/14)
This clip discusses the notion of persistent moves in one direction, and mean reversion.

How does the market normalize? (02/27/14)
This clip test three forms of adjustment when a Strangle is challenged.

Three Factor Model for Asset Returns (02/20/14)
This clip discusses another CAPM regression type model and how it is really a gimmick to transfer wealth from the ordinary person to a managed fund.

What is Expected Move? (02/06/14)
This clip takes a closer look at math surrounding expected move.

Avoid using the esoteric Greeks (01/30/14)
This clip discusses esoteric Greeks and avoidance through small positions.

What are binary options? (01/16/14)
This clip discusses binary options (not yet ready for prime time).

Mean Reversion of Volatility (12/12/13)
This clip discusses the mean reversion of IV.

What is Mean Reversion (12/5/13)
This clip discusses the meaning of Mean Reversion vs. the Law of Large Numbers.

How do Calendar Spreads Work (11/21/13)
This clip explains that the increased trading with calendar spreads improves results.
Jacob also states that the price of the underlying is NOT mean reverting; but volatility is.

Relating DTE to Volatility (11/14/13)
This clip discusses how days to expiration and volatility relate.

Computing with Geometric Brownian Motion (11/7/13)
This clip discusses Geometric Brownian Motion and the Log-normal distribution.

Defined Risk Strategies (10/17/13)
This clip provides the math behind undefined risk vs. defined risk.
NOTE: sorry TP, but defined risk is preferred not only in capping max loss, but also offers greater premium for less capital at risk (ROC).

TP Takes The Math Seat (8/15/13)
This clip has Tom Preston (TP) discussing the probability of expiring formula and how it changes over time.

Gamma and Vomma (8/8/13)
This clip discusses the most common Greeks, and the lesser known Vomma.

What is the Heston Model? (8/1/13)
This clip discusses everything you wanted to know about the Heston Model.

Monte Carlo pricing models (7/18/13)
This clip discusses a more advanced options model: Monte Carlo.

Taleb distribution (7/11/13)
This clip discusses the worst case scenario defined by the Taleb distribution (specific to undefined risk).

Probability of Touching vs Probability of Expiring (6/20/13)
This clip discusses everything you wanted to know about the probabilities of touching and expiring ITM.

Kurtosis (6/13/13)
This clip discusses Kurtosis, which measures the probability of fat tails vs. the peak at the mean.

Skewness (6/6/13)
This clip discusses the shape of distribution and how it differs from a normal distribution.

Implied vs. Historical Volatility (5/30/13)
This clip discusses the pros and cons surrounding IV vs. HV

Brownian motion (5/16/13)
This clip discusses what proves markets are random: Brownian motion.

More Greeks?!? (4/25/13)
This clip discusses the Greeks you never hear about.

Is it real or is it random? (4/4/13)
This clip discusses in greater detail Brownian motion and what is truly random about the markets.

Theta (3/7/13)
This clip discusses the math behind Call and Put theta.

Delta and Gamma (2/28/13)
This clip discusses the math behind delta and gamma.

Implied Volatility (2/21/13)
This clip discusses the math behind IV.

On this page, we have provided links to the some of the most interesting video clips of The Skinny on Options Math, a segment which discusses the probability theory and associated pricing models.

Just click on a link to see the video.
On this page, we have provided links to the some of the most interesting video clips of Game Changers, a segment which discusses the research of TastyTrade listeners.

Just click on a link to see the video.
SPX Strangles (08/21/14)
This clip looks at the SPX strangles for optimal strategy.

Laddered Strangles & Iron Condors (04/03/14)
This clip explores managing the losers for Strangles and ICs.

Capital Usage, Easier Math (02/20/14)
This clip discusses 1 day expected move calculation, and how redeploying assets more often improves profits.

Randomness and Candletstick Patterns (02/13/14)
This clip shows that candlestick patterns have no predictive value.

Rank Levels (12/19/13)
This clip discusses a study that tracks historical IV Rank and how it can improve confidence in the position.

Defending Iron Condors (12/12/13)
This clip tests defending ICs when one side is challenged.

SPX Strangle vs. Iron Condor (11/21/13)
This clip compares an SPX Strangle vs. a $10 wide Iron Condor.

Black Swans (11/7/13)
This clip compares trading Strangles when IV percentile is >50% vs. no IV filter.

Father-Son Big Boy IC (10/24/13)
This clip compares IC profits based on max percent profit without/with stops.

Roulette: A lesson on Trading Small and Often (10/17/13)
This clip demonstrates the advantage of trading small and often.

VIX vs. Realized Volatility (10/10/13)
This clip compares the VIX to Realized Volatility over 2-periods (52 week and 30 day).

Price Percent Change (10/3/13)
This clip shows how to write a thinkScript program to display Price Percentile.
Tasty Trade Videos